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In [[PASM23]], Gladion and Lillie traveled through [[Poni Island]]. Gladion revealed he planned on getting the Legendary Pokémon {{p|Solgaleo}} and {{p|Lunala}} to help him destroy the Ultra Beasts. As they traveled, a {{p|Xurkitree}} appeared and attacked them. Gladion and Silvally fought Xurkitree, but Nebby flew out of his hands and met with another {{p|Cosmoem}}. After Xurkitree was defeated, Lillie and Gladion met with Sun and [[Hapu]]. They learned that the Sun and [[Moon Flute]]s were a pair meant to played at the Poni Altar. The guardian deities of Alola appeared and took Sun and both flutes to the Poni Altar while Lillie, Gladion, and Hapu chased after them.
In [[PASM25]], Gladion and Lillie helped {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}} corner and capture [[Faba]]. At the Altar, Gladion and the others found that Sun and Moon managed to evolve Nebby and the other Cosmoem into Lunala and Solgaleo, respectively. Anabel received a call from {{adv|Looker}}, who told her that a large number of Ultra Beasts made their way to Poni Island. While Moon, Gladion, Anabel, and Hapu fought off the beasts, Solgaleo was possessed by a {{p|Necrozma}} that appeared from a wormhole. Necrozma grabbed Sun and dragged him into the wormhole, forcing Moon and Lunala to chase after them.
Six months later, in [[PASM26]], Lusamine disappeared while Faba had managed to take control of the Aether Foundation, running it like a dictatorship. At the [[Aether House]], [[Wicke]] told Gladion and Lillie that Lusamine was found on Poni Island playing with a group of Ultra Beasts. Gladion suggested going to get Lusamine, but was told to stay behind as he hadn't fully recovered from the injuries he sustained from being exposed to the energy from Silvally's evolution. Wicke decided the best option was for her to return to Aether Paradise and gather information before making their next move.