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[[File:Black Reshiram Light Stone Adventures.png|thumb|right|190px|Black and Reshiram become the Light Stone]]
In ''[[PS513|Into the Quarterfinals!]]'', Black battled through the tournament and made it to the Best 8 alongside Cheren, Iris, [[Zinzolin|Gray]], [[Leo]], [[{{adv|Looker]]}}, and [[Colress|Hood Man]]. In the first round of the quarterfinals, Black went up against Looker, disguised as a man named Lou Karr. Despite Looker's use of {{p|Croagunk}}, a Pokémon not native to Unova, Black managed to defeat him and advance to the next round. In the semifinals, Black went up against Iris, who wanted to defeat N and restore Alder's honor. Though both were determined to win, Black ended up the victor and advanced to the finals. Sympathizing with Iris's desire to avenge her master's teacher, Black promised that he would defeat N for both them.
In ''[[PS518|True Friends]]'', Black faced Cheren, who had been acting strange throughout the tournament. Cheren revealed that after their previous encounter, he met Zinzolin, one of the Seven Sages, who convinced him to follow Team Plasma's ideals and pursue strength. Their battle eventually took them to the roof of the League building, where they had one final clash, ending in Black's victory. After passing out from a large amount of Dream Mist that filled the area, Black and Cheren shared a memory of their childhood when Cheren promised to support Black's dream. Black forgave Cheren and welcomed back Musha, who had evolved into a {{p|Musharna}}. Furious over his friend's manipulation, Black called out to Team Plasma and dared they come out of hiding. As he did this, Reshiram fully awakened from the Light Stone.