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Eldegoss (Pokémon)

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Eldegoss has a light green head with amber-brownish eyes with darker green triangles above both said eyes. It also has pupils the same colour as its face and a black mouth. Eldegoss's lower body consists of a yellow upper part that resembles a cloak, and a darker green lower part that resembles a dress. Above its head is a green crest that fills a notch in its head and connects the cotton atop Eldegoss to its head. There are also brown seeds that can be found scattered on the top of its cotton.
Eldegoss's cotton fluff acts like a cushion to protect its head from attacks. The cotton can also be spun into a glossy, gorgeous yarn that is a specialty in [[Galar]]. It is said that the tiny seeds inside the cotton fluff are highly nutritious and beneficial for people and Pokémon. It spreads the seeds by sending them on the wind, making the soil in the Galar region rich in nutrients.<ref></ref>