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* [[Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!!]]: {{p|Chansey}}
* An [[a:File:SS006 illustration.png|illustration]] of this episode was drawn by [[Naoki Saito]].
* This is the first time a main character catches more than two Pokémon in the same episode since {{Ash}} caught his 30 {{AP|Tauros}} in [[EP035]], as well as the first time a main character catches several Pokémon of different species in a single episode.
* This episode marks the first appearance of a {{p|Venomoth}} in the main series since ''[[DP099|A Trainer and Child Reunion!]]'', 526 episodes earlier.
* {{Ash}}, {{AP|Pikachu}}, [[Houji]], {{an|Go}}, Houji's {{p|Mightyena}}, and {{TP|Go|Scorbunny}} narrate the preview of the [[SS007|next episode]].
* When {{an|Go}} tries to catch {{p|Venonat}}, the strip around the middle button of {{i|Poké Ball}} is colored dark instead of white.
* In a scene where Ash and Go were running away from an horde of {{p|Beedrill}}, Pikachu & Scorbunny are nowhere to be seen.
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