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Corsola (Pokémon)

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Corsola is a small, pink, roundish Pokémon with branch-like growths on its back, which are similar to coral. There is a smaller, blunt horn on its forehead, and it has black, oval eyes. It has a white underside, which speckles towards the sides. Its four legs and two arms are blunt and stubby. Found in the {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Sea Pokémon|warm shallow waters}} of southern seas, Corsola requires clean water to live. If its habitat is dirty, the growths on its back become discolored and degenerate. However, when it is healthy, its growths regularly shed and grow back. It is able to regrow them over the course of a single night. It forms large social groups. Occasionally, these groups get so large that people may live atop them, as is the case in [[Pacifidlog Town]]. Corsola's horn is a prized material, commonly used for jewelry and carving as seen in [[EP213|the anime]]. Smaller Pokémon like {{p|Seadra}} and {{p|Luvdisc}} are sometimes sheltered by Corsola's branches, and even offer it protection from foes.
GalarianFound Corsolain werethe wiped{{DL|List outof Pokémon by suddenhabitat|Sea changesPokémon|warm inshallow oceanwaters}} temperatureof causedsouthern byseas, aCorsola meteorrequires impact,clean turningwater themto into Ghost-typeslive. ItsIf bodyits habitat is adirty, bleachedthe whitegrowths withon half-closedits pinkback eyesbecome discolored and a perpetualdegenerate. frownHowever, andwhen it is healthy, its armsgrowths andregularly branchesshed haveand agrow distinctlyback. semitransparentIt appearanceis able to regrow them; over the branchescourse canof bea usedsingle tonight. takeIt rootforms insidelarge andsocial draingroups. theOccasionally, lifethese forcegroups ofget Thelarge branchesthat cannotpeople causemay injureslive oratop painthem, butas they immobilizeis the victimcase untilin Galarian[[Pacifidlog Town]]. Corsola's letshorn themis go.a Theyprized arematerial, commonly foundused for jewelry and carving as seen in [[EP213|the remainsanime]]. ofSmaller prehistoricPokémon seas,like {{p|Seadra}} and while{{p|Luvdisc}} theyare cansometimes besheltered mistakenby forCorsola's ordinary rocksbranches, theyand willeven curseoffer anybodyit whoprotection kicksfrom them by accident.<ref></ref>
Galarian Corsola were wiped out by sudden changes in ocean temperature caused by a meteor impact, turning them into Ghost-types. Its body is a bleached white with half-closed pink eyes and a perpetual frown, and its arms and branches have a distinctly semitransparent appearance to them; the branches can be used to take root inside and drain the life force of others.
The branches cannot cause injures or pain, but they immobilize the victim until Galarian Corsola lets them go. They are commonly found in the remains of prehistoric seas, and while they can be mistaken for ordinary rocks, they will curse anybody who kicks them by accident.<ref></ref>
In the [[Alola]] [[region]], {{p|Mareanie}} and {{p|Toxapex}} are natural predators of Corsola. However, they do not fulfill those roles in the [[Galar]] region, having not realized the branches of Corsola are delicious.
======Generation VII-present======