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One, Two, Three

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* {{p|Sobble}}
* {{p|Corviknight}}
* {{p|Zacian}} ({{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zacian|Crowned Sword}}) ([[SS004]]-present)
* {{p|Zamazenta}} ({{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zamazenta|Crowned Shield}}) ([[SS004]]-present)
==Opening animation spoilers==
* {{an|Go}} catches a {{TP|Go|Scorbunny}}.
#The [[SS001]]clip -displayed [[SS002]]:during Thethe originalline animation.「{{tt|先も見えない 果ても知らない世界がそこにあるけど|Saki mo mienai hate mo shiranai sekai ga soko ni aru kedo}}」 varies depending on the episode, typically with a scene from the episode itself:
# [[SS003SS001]] - [[SS002]]: The scene of {{Ash}}, {{AP|Pikachu}}, and {{an|Go}} ridingride on {{p|Lugia}}'s back from [[SS002]] is replaced with a scene of {{TRT}} performing their motto.
# [[SS004SS003]] - present: The scene of Team Rocket performing their motto is replaced with a scene of {{p|ZacianTRT}} andperforms {{p|Zamazenta}}their posing togethermotto.
# [[SS004]] - [[SS005]]: {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}} pose together.
# [[SS006]]: Ash, Pikachu, Go, and Scorbunny run from a swarm of {{p|Beedrill}}, all of which except one are hit by {{m|Electroweb}}. Go throws a Poké Ball at the remaining Beedrill.