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[[File:Ash SS.png|thumb|160px|Ash's seventh hat that he wears in the {{series|new}}]]
'''Ash's hat''' (Japanese: '''サトシのぼうし''' ''Satoshi's hat'') is an [[List of clothing in the anime|item of clothing]] that [[Ash Ketchum]] is seldom seen without. Throughout the [[Pokémon anime]], Ash has worn seven different hats so far, one for each of the seven different series.
Ash Pikachu Alola Cap.png|{{AP|Pikachu}} [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Pikachu in a cap|wearing Ash's hat]] before performing {{m|10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt}}
==={{series|New}} hat===
In the {{series|new}}, Ash wears a red and the Poké Ball design is in a black shape of the letter C.
===''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'' and ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]'' hat===