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As both Lycanroc take heavy blows but continue to fight on, Gladion orders his Lycanroc to boost its power with {{m|Swords Dance}}, then follow up with {{m|Outrage}}. Ash's Lycanroc uses Stone Edge, but Gladion's Lycanroc smashes right through it with its Outrage. As Gladion's Lycanroc confronts Ash's, it is suddenly overcome by the Outrage's after-effects of {{status|confusion}}. Ash orders Lycanroc to use Bite, but Gladion's Lycanroc snaps out of its confusion after biting on its own paw, and it lands a hit with Counter. Gladion admits that he developed the confusion-snapping strategy to avoid calamity during a heated battle, much to Ash's astonishment.
Gladion calls for Stone Edge, while Ash has his Lycanroc chomp through the obstacles. Gladion's Lycanroc repeats its attack, prompting Ash's Lycanroc to use Accelerock to break through. It then charges at Gladion's Lycanroc, who immediately uses Counter. As it takes the blow, Ash has Lycanroc use its own Counter, which defeatssends Gladion's Lycanroc to the stadium wall, defeating it in the process. Kukui declares Gladion's Lycanroc to be unable to battle and announces that the winner is Ash, making him the first official [[Alola League]] {{pkmn|Champion}}. Ash is left speechless by the result, though Gladion affirms that Ash has indeed won the tournament and shakes his hand to congratulate him. Gladion suggests they battle again sometime, and Ash agrees to it.
Meanwhile, an underground {{TRT}} is surprised to see that Ash has won the League. [[Jessie]] then asks James if their mecha is finished; [[James]] puts on the final bolt and confirms it. The trio cheers as they prepare to plunder the League of every single Pokémon, etching their names into the history of [[Alola]]. Elsewhere, at [[Bewear's den]], the {{p|Oranguru}} robot is completely destroyed, while {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Stufful}} and {{an|Bewear}} are nowhere to be seen.