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:''"Astounding work, <player>! You’ve put a stop to Team GO Rocket’s plans for the time being and rescued a special Shadow Pokémon! It’s unlikely that [[Giovanni]] will give up this easily, so I hope we can rely on you to take down Team GO Rocket members as they appear around your area. [[Spark (GO)|Spark]], [[Blanche (GO)|Blanche]], and [[Candela]] will be on the lookout as well. I’m sure Team GO Rocket will try to hatch another villainous plot soon..."''
===Celebrate 2019===
:''"How was 2019 for you, <player>? For me, it was a fantastic year, and I want to thank you and all our Trainers around the world for your hard work. Together, we took on Team GO Rocket, uncovered the Wish Pokémon, Jirachi, and began encountering Pokémon originally discovered in Unova. I want to make sure you know how proud I am of how much you and all the other Trainers have grown this last year! And now with 2020 on the horizon, there are sure to be many more adventures awaiting! Until then, let’s get up and GO!"''
==Voice actors==