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Hazel's Jigglypuff

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Sweet but horrible cook!
'''Jigglypuff''' is one of the main characters of [[Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure]]. Her family is apparently rich -- she and her sister [[Wigglytuff (PiPiPi)|Wigglytuff]] live in a mansion with maids and a butler ([[Squirtle (PiPiPi)|Squirtle]]).
Jigglypuff is very spoiled. She's used to being treated like a little princess and always getting her own way. Whenever she gets mad,she puffs up to a enormous size(Also puffs up to float and she also puffed up when she fell from a cliff.) She also loves to cook, but everything she makes tastes absolutely vile.In fact some of the food she makes almost kill people,explode,and make people faint.(Only snorlax can handle her food.)
===[[Moves]] used===