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In [[PASM31]], Gladion was told that their father, [[Mohn]], was still alive in Alola somewhere. Hoping that telling Lusamine the information would convince her to return to her old self, Lillie decided to go and meet with their mother. Before Lillie left, Gladion suggested she do so dressed in the clothes she picked for herself, not the ones Lusamine picked for her.
Later, Gladion traveled to Aether Paradise, where he found Moon capturedlocked byin a cell after Faba captured her. After freeing her, theyGladion and Moon confronted Faba, telling him that his plans were over. Faba retaliated by tricking [[Ryuki]] into attackingbattling Gladion and Moon, buying him enough time to try and escape. Gladion allowed Moon to use Silvally in place of her actual Pokémon, which were taken by Faba and hidden away. While Gladion kept Ryuki busy, heMoon toldwent Moonahead to chaseretrieve afterher Pokémon and make medicine for Gladion's injuries. After taking down Ryuki's first Pokémon, Gladion called off the battle, revealing Faba was using it as a distraction so he could flee. Once he learned others were fighting the Ultra Beasts elsewhere in Alola, allowingRyuki herran off to usejoin them. When Silvally inreturned, placeMoon ofwas herabsent, ownhaving Pokémongone elsewhere with Lunala. Gladion then left to stop Faba from escaping, whichonly wereto stolenfind the man cornered by Sun's {{rf|Alolan}} {{p|Meowth}}, [[Cent]], who aimed to make Faba andpay hiddenfor awayhis crimes. Faba's intense fear attracted several Nihilego that emerged from a nearby wormhole. Gladion and Cent were forced to watch as Faba was dragged into the wormhole, his fear turning into happiness as he was affected by the Nihilego's neurotoxins.
Months later, Gladion teamed up with [[Dulse]] of the [[Ultra Recon Squad]] to traverse through Ultra Space and rescue Faba. Ryuki chose to accompany them, much to Gladion's annoyance.
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