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In the anime
The first time that a Poké Ball aside from the normal variation was seen was in [[EP035]], where Ash was given 30 Safari Balls in order to compete in the Safari Game. With these 30 Safari Balls, Ash attempted to catch various rare Pokémon; however, he only managed to capture an entire herd of {{AP|Tauros}}. They appeared in Safari Balls in ''[[EP065|Showdown at the Po-Ké Corral]]''; however, whenever Ash uses one of his Tauros in a battle, it is sent out from a standard Poké Ball.
[[File:Poké Ball success.png|thumb|250px|left|A Poké Ball after catching a Pokémon in the {{[[new series|Sun & Moon}}]]]]
The [[GS Ball]] was the second of the variant Poké Balls to [[EP083|appear in the anime]], this time with a special purpose. This mysterious ball was unable to be opened by [[Professor Ivy]], and served as the reason for Ash's journeys to the [[Orange Archipelago]] (to pick it up) and [[Johto]] (to deliver it to [[Kurt]]), so that what was contained within it could be discovered. {{p|Celebi}} was long rumored to be related to the ball, something which the [[Pokémon Adventures]] and game canons verify, while [[Masamitsu Hidaka|a director of the anime]] confirmed that, had it not been insisted that {{OBP|Celebi|M04}} appear in a central role in [[M04|the fourth movie]], the GS Ball arc would have concluded with Celebi being released from the ball and traveling with Ash and his friends.