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A recent post of mine was marked with "Vandal filter 3": new section
I understand what you mean but I absolutely not agree to the current situation, or in other words, felt being cheated, so I have already put the issue to [[Talk:Pokémon movie]]. [[User:KyleRGiggs|<span style="color:#000000">KyleR</span>]][[User talk:KyleRGiggs|<span style="color:#000000">Giggs</span>]] 04:49, 4 November 2019 (UTC)
== A recent post of mine was marked with "Vandal filter 3" ==
I would like to know why my recent talk section "Pokemon should be discussed as a species, not individual pokemon.", posted on ForceFire's talk page, was marked as "Vandal filter 3."
As far as I understand, my only error was that I did not sign my talk post with four tildes.
I was not being offensive or derogatory. I was only justifying my reasons for making a previous edit. I even finished my post with an invitation to discuss, and a proper thank you.
If you can shed some light into why I have been discouraged from sharing my thoughts on a public (albeit monitored) wiki page, I'd appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
[[User:Evanodson1|Evanodson1]] ([[User talk:Evanodson1|talk]]) 04:41, 14 December 2019 (UTC)