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Court Change (move)

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Court Change causes any active battle effects to swap sides. This affects barriers like [[Reflect]] and [[Light Screen]], multi-turn status conditions like [[Tailwind]], and entry hazards like [[Spikes]] and [[Stealth Rock]]. Court Change does not cause any Pokémon afflicted with a volatile or non-volatile [[Status condition|status condition]] to pass that condition to another Pokémon, nor does it transfer any Pokémon's [[stat|stat changes]] to any other Pokémon. Because [[Weather]] and [[Terrain]] both affect the entire battle, Court Change will have no effect on [[Sandstorm]], [[Rain]], [[Hail]], [[Harsh sunlight|Harsh Sunlight]], [[Electric Terrain]], [[Grassy Terrain]], [[Misty Terrain]], and [[Psychic Terrain]]. Additionally, moves like [[Trick Room]], [[Magic Room]], and [[Wonder Room]] are all unaffected by Court Change.
If both sides of the battle are affected by the same effect, but are each on different remaining turns, Court Change will swap both effects' remaining turns.
If Court Change would transfer an [[Entry hazard|entry hazard]] to a Pokémon's side that would normally cause damage (i.e. [[Poison Spikes]] on a non-[[Poison|Poison-type]] Pokémon), it will not have any effect until a new Pokémon is switched out.