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Court Change (move)

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'''Court Change''' (Japanese: '''コートチェンジ''' ''Court Change'') is a non-damaging {{type|Normal}} [[move]] introduced in [[Generation VIII]]. It is one of the [[signature move]]s of {{p|Cinderace}}.
Court Change causes any active battle effects to swap sides. This affects barriers like [[Reflect]] and [[Light Screen]], multi-turn status conditions like [[Tailwind]], and entry hazards like [[Spikes]] and [[Stealth Rock]]. Court Change does not cause any Pokémon afflicted with a [[Status condition|status condition]] to pass it to another Pokémon, nor does it transfer any Pokémon's [[stat|stat changes]] to any other Pokémon. Because [[Weather]] and [[Terrain]] both affect the entire battle, Court Change will have no effect on [[Sandstorm]], [[Rain]], [[Hail]], [[Harsh sunlight|Harsh Sunlight]], [[Electric Terrain]], [[Grassy Terrain]], [[Misty Terrain]], and [[Psychic Terrain]]. Additionally, moves like [[Trick Room]], [[Magic Room]], and [[Wonder Room]] are all unaffected by Court Change.
If Court Change would transfer an [[Entry hazard|entry hazard]] to a Pokémon's side that would normally cause damage (i.e. [[Poison Spikes]] on a non-[[Poison|Poison-type]] Pokémon), it will not have any effect until a new Pokémon is switched out.
Concerning abilities like [[Defiant]] or [[Competitive]], [[Sticky Web]] used in conjunction with Court Change will not cause either ability to activate upon the [[Speed]] stat being lowered. Other abilities like [[Defiant]] will still activate, however.
The following moves are affected by Court Change:
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{{movelist|Light Screen|Psychic|cat=Status}}
{{movelist|Aurora Veil|Ice|cat=Status}}
{{movelist|Stealth Rock|Rock|cat=Status}}
{{movelist|Sticky Web|Bug|cat=Status}}
{{movelist|Toxic Spikes|Poison|cat=Status}}
{{movelist|G-Max Steelsurge|Steel|cat=Unknown}}
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