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The Galar fossils are the only non-Rock fossils
* The Rock type is tied with the {{t|Grass}} type for the largest number of weaknesses when unpaired, with five. However, a combination of the two types (Rock/Grass) would only have four weaknesses.
** Rock moves are super effective against four of the five types {{t|Grass}} is weak to, with {{t|Poison}} being the exception.
* Every knownMost [[Fossil]] Pokémon isare either part or solely Rock-type. This is most likely due to the placement of real fossils in rock formations, as well as the process by which fossils are created.
* [[Johto]]'s [[Olivine Gym]] was a Rock type Gym before the {{t|Steel}} type was discovered.
* The Rock type has the fewest [[special move]]s of all types, with three.