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Main cast
[[File:Gabriel Ramos.jpg|thumb|right|190px|Gabriel Ramos]]
'''Gabriel Ramos''' (born September 18, 1986) was chosen by the Nintendo authority in charge of the dubbing in Mexico at that time and so, he provided the voice of [[Ash Ketchum]] from [[EP001]] until [[DP090]]. He then quit voice acting due to commitments to the Latin American {{wp|MTV}}, where he works as a VJ. From [[DP091]]-[[DP104]], he was replaced by '''Irwin Daayán'''. Ramos made a little returned to dub Ash starting from [[DP105]] thanks to his fans. Although Ramos currentlymoved resides into {{wp|Argentina}}, he was able to record Ash's voice at a recording studio called '''Sonar Studio''' and send the recordings over the internet to the dubbing company in Mexico. However, he was later replaced by '''Miguel Ángel Leal''' from [[DP158]] on because the new client did not want Ramos to keep voicing Ash while living in Argentina, since he wouldn't have any voice direction there. While Ramos returned to Mexico in 2015, he instead became the voice of [[Remo]] because the distributor didn't want to change Ash's voice. Other series Ramos has dubbed for include {{wp|Ippo Makunouchi}} in {{wp|Fighting Spirit (manga)|Fighting Spirit}}, MegaMan.EXE in {{wp|MegaMan NT Warrior}}, Remi in the redub of {{wp|Nobody's Boy: Remi}} and Gerald (second voice) in {{wp|Hey Arnold!}}.
In November 2014, Ramos moved back to Mexico, looking to voice Ash again, but the distributor didn't want to change Ash's voice.
[[File:Irwin Daayan.jpg|thumb|left|190px|Irwin Daayán]]