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Main cast
May's younger brother, [[Max]], is voiced by '''Diego Ángeles'''.
'''Alfredo Leal''' was the voice for [[Tracey Sketchit]] from [[EP084]]-[[EP116]]. Alfredo is the brother of Ash's current voice actor, Miguel Ángel Leal.
[[File:José Antonio Macías.jpg|thumb|left|120px|José Antonio Macías]]
For'''José mostAntonio ofMacías''' (born September 19, 1967) is the seriesvoice of [[James]] (except for [[AG105]]-[[AG110]]), as well as [[James]]Detective hasPikachu been(character)|Detective voicedPikachu]] byin '''José[[Detective Antonio Macías'''Pikachu (bornmovie)|the Septembermovie 19,of 1967)the same name]].
'''Gerardo García''' dubbed the voice of James for [[AG105]]-[[AG110]]. He is also the voice of [[Harley]], [[Paul]] ([[DP002]]-[[DP100]], [[DP163]]-present) and has voiced [[Tracey Sketchit]] since [[EP225]], He was also the director for ''[[S11|Battle Dimension]]''.