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Max Raid Battle

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Battle: it's if the total amount of faints is 4, not if all trainers pokemon faint
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Each Trainer uses a single Pokémon (from their party or Box) against the Dynamax Pokémon. If a Trainer's Pokémon faints, they can cheer on the remaining Trainers as they attempt to complete the Max Raid Battle. If allthe four Trainerchallengers's Pokémon faint a total of 4 times, or if the turn limit is reached, the challengers lose the Max Raid Battle. If the Dynamax Pokémon is defeated, the Max Raid Battle is a success and all four Trainers can attempt to [[Caught Pokémon|catch]] the Dynamax Pokémon.
Only one Trainer can Dynamax their Pokémon during a Max Raid Battle; unlike the wild Dynamax Pokémon, this transformation only lasts for the normal three turns. Each turn, one Trainer receives Dynamax Energy; only that player can Dynamax that turn, and if they do not, this energy is passed to another player next turn.