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[[File:Johto Anime.png|thumb|250px|Anime-based map of the Johto region]]
* Johto lacks many elements that all other regions[[region]]s have. Most of these omissions are due to it sharing them with [[Kanto]], which could be visited in the same games, and the fact that recycling old concepts have not become the norm yet in the games. Therefore, it is the only region without:
** a museum
** a Pokémon graveyard
** prior to [[Generation IV]], a [[List of Pokémon by Johto Pokédex number|true regional Pokédex]] or a proper Safari Zone
** its own [[Pokémon League]] (although the anime gives it the [[Silver Conference]]), and by extension its own [[Victory Road]].
** a notable {{type|Water}} [[Type expert|specialist]].
* Johto shares its Pokémon League, [[Bill|Storage System developer]], and [[Team Rocket|villainous team]] with Kanto.
* In [[Generation II|Generations II]] and IV, between Johto and [[Kanto]], the {{t|Dark}} type and the {{t|Ground}} type are the only types not represented by an official Gym. [[Viridian City]], whose previous Gym Leader [[Giovanni]], had the Ground type. However, when Giovanni left the Gym after being defeated by {{ga|Red}}, he was replaced by {{ga|Blue}}, who does not have a type specialty. [[Karen]] of the [[Elite Four]] uses Dark-type Pokémon, making the Ground type the only type to not have a [[Gym Leader]] or Elite Four member specialized in it in Johto and Kanto for GenerationGenerations II and IV.
* Unused location data for Johto (similar to the data for [[Hoenn]] and [[Kanto]] used for Pal Park) exists within the programming of Generation IV's games. Pokémon actually caught in Johto, however, display as being from "[[faraway place]]" when traded to a game taking place in [[Sinnoh]], much like Pokémon caught in a Platinum-exclusive location do when traded to Diamond or Pearl.
* Kanto and Johto are the only regions that are connected to each other by land.
* In the {{pkmn|anime}}, Johto is the only region so far in which:
** [[{{Ash Ketchum|Ash]]}} did not meet a new {{ashfr|traveling companion}}.
** There is not at least one official Gym badgeBadge that isn't from the games.
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