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Incineroar (Pokémon)

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Incineroar's flame belt is produced from within its body and burst from its navel and waist as its fighting spirit rises. In addition to spewing fire from its navel, it uses ferocious kicks and punches. This Pokémon disregards the safety of its opponents and on-lookers, sometimes striking the opposing Trainer with attacks. It is a violent Pokémon, and will sometimes ignore its Trainer's orders when it is not in the mood to listen. Despite this, it finds fighting unworthy opponents boring and gets motivated fighting a challenging one. Weak or injured opponents also cause it to lose the desire to fight, which others sometimes use to their advantage. It also values the attention of the crowd as Incineroar's spirit goes up while the crowd is excited or falters when the crowd is bored. While it tends to act like a {{wp|heel (professional wrestling)|heel}}, Incineroar is very happy internally when receiving the admiration of children or young Pokémon.<ref>[ Pokémon Sun and Moon site | Incineroar]</ref>
Incineroar is the [[signature move|only known Pokémon]] capable of learning the move {{m|Darkest Lariat}} and the exclusive [[Z-Move]] {{m|Malicious Moonsault}}. For a brief time, the moves {{m|Darkest Lariat}} and {{m|Throat Chop}} waswere also its signature movemoves.
==In the anime==