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* In [[Generation I]] and [[Generation II]], the word "Trainer" is not capitalized. However, it is capitalized in later games.
* In ''[[Pocket Monsters: The Animation]]'', it was revealed that Pokémon training was a very dangerous sport, as the mere act of training a Pokémon can result in severe injuries or even death. It also mentions that various men try to go out and become a Pokémon trainer at age 10 (which was considered the legal age of adulthood), and there was a high dropout rate regarding whether they become skilled Trainers that afterwards they come across as incompetent. It is also implied that this is the reason why most of the professional workplaces are almost entirely staffed by women.
* [[X and Y]] have introduced the most amount of new Trainer classes, excluding spinoffs, with forty seven.
* [[Crystal]] and [[HeartGold and SoulSilver]] have introduced the least amount of new Trainer classes, with one each.
* So far [[Sword and Shield]] have introduced the least amount of new Trainer classes for a new game in a Generation, with eleven.
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