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How would I do this?
== How would I do this? ==
To my understanding, the Mystery Dungeon community doesn't have many walkthroughs. I would consider making a few, or editing them to make them better b/c I have played, found all secrets, and finished all postgames to all except explorers of darkness. It would help the Mystery dungeon community b/c I have this info. but this site wont allow me to create new Posts. I have already made 2 minor edits to mystery dungeon, but those were, as I said, Minor. Please, when you get time, help me out. (I mean, you dont "bite" so, XD) <small>- ''unsigned comment from {{u|Superuxie}} ([[User talk:Superuxie|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/Superuxie|contribs]]) ''</small>
:If you want to specifically work on a walkthrough, we have an entire {{cat|Walkthroughs|category}} of walkthroughs that can always use improvments, from major chapters to be created to making sure existing pages are brought up to [[Bulbapedia:Manual of style|Bulbapedia's quality standards]]. Our [[Appendix:Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity walkthrough|Gates to Infinity]] and [[Appendix:Super Mystery Dungeon|Super Mystery Dungeon]] walkthroughs are practically empty.
:For more information, I would check out [[Bulbapedia:Project Walkthroughs|the Project Walkthroughs portal]] - [[User:Chosen|<span style="color:#336799">Chosen</span>]] ([[User talk:Chosen|<span style="color:#000">Talk</span>]]) 22:49, 9 December 2019 (UTC)