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Generation II

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* Generation II is the smallest completed generation so far with only seven {{pkmn|games}} and three [[core series]] games.
* Generation II was the first generation to:
** Introduce a [[Battle Tower (Generation_IIGeneration II)|new named location]] in its [[Upperupper version]].
** Not introduce a new [[Fossil|set of fossils]].
** Not feature a [[Safari Zone]] in any capacity.
* Generation II was the only generation to:
** Have all of its starters initially holding an item (in this case, a {{i|Berry}}).
** Have a total number of moves equal to the total number of Pokémon at the time (251).
** Have mostly different sprites for Pokémon in the original pair of games (with rare exceptions, such as {{p|Unown}} and the Johto [[Legendary beasts|Legendary trio]]).