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Name origin: Fairy leaders need to come up with more creative badge names.
** The Japanese names of the [[Kanto]] Badges are all colors, following the color pattern for the town and city names.
** The Trio and Insect Badges are the first Badges since the Glacier Badge in Generation II to get renamed in the English version of the games, without there being a localization conflict between the Japanese and English versions.
** All Badges in [[Galar]] are named directly after their corresponding [[Type|types]].
*** Consequentially, both Galar and [[Kalos]] have a Fairy Badge (フェアリーバッジ), making them the only Badges to share a name with each other in both English and Japanese.
* The Storm Badge's English name may derive from the {{wp|lucha libre}} wrestler {{wp|Fray Tormenta}}—also the inspiration for [[Crasher Wake]]—whose name translates as "Friar Storm".