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Generation II

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* Generation II is the smallest completed generation so far with only seven {{pkmn|games}} and three [[core series]] games.
* Generation II iswas the onlyfirst generation in whichto:
** TheIntroduce startersa are[[Battle initiallyTower holding(Generation_II)|new annamed itemlocation]] (ain {{i|Berry}})its [[Upper version]].
** TheNot totalintroduce numbera ofnew moves are equal to the total number[[Fossil|set of Pokémon at the timefossils]].
** MostNot Pokémonfeature havea different[[Safari spritesZone]] in theany original pair of games (including, but not limited to, {{p|Unown}} and the Johto [[Legendary beasts|Legendary trio]])capacity.
** PokémonGeneration canII bewas tradedthe withonly ageneration [[Generation I|previous generation]].to:
** GenerationHave IIall isof alsoits thestarters onlyinitially generationholding thatan diditem not(a introduce:{{i|Berry}}).
** AHave {{type|Dragon}}a [[pseudo-legendarytotal number of moves equal to the total number of Pokémon]] at the time (251).
** AHave newmostly different sprites for Pokémon in the original pair of games (with rare exceptions, such as {{p|Unown}} and the Johto [[villainousLegendary teamsbeasts|villainousLegendary teamtrio]]).
** AAllow cat-liketrading Pokémon with a [[evolutionGeneration I|evolutionaryprevious linegeneration]]:.
*** GenerationNot I introduced {{p|Meowth}} and {{p|Persian}}introduce:
*** Generation III introducedA {{ptype|SkittyDragon}} and[[pseudo-legendary {{p|Delcatty}}Pokémon]].
*** GenerationA IVnew introduced[[villainous {{pteams|Glameow}}villainous and {{p|Purugly}}team]].
*** GenerationA Vnew introduced[[Pokémon {{p|Purrloin}} and {{p|Liepard}}League]].
*** GenerationA VIcat-like introduced {{p[[evolution|Espurr}}evolutionary and {{p|Meowstic}}line]]:
**** Generation VIII introduced {{p|LittenMeowth}}, {{p|Torracat}}, and {{p|IncineroarPersian}}
*** While* Generation VIIIIII didn't introduce a full new evolutionary line, [[List of Pokémon with form differences|Galarian]]introduced {{p|MeowthSkitty}} evolves into a new species,and {{p|PerrserkerDelcatty}}.
**** MoreGeneration thanIV oneintroduced {{typep|PoisonGlameow}} orand {{typep|FlyingPurugly}} move.
**** AnyGeneration V introduced {{typep|GrassPurrloin}} [[Typeand expert{{p|experts]].Liepard}}
**** Generation VI introduced {{p|Espurr}} and {{p|Meowstic}}
**** Generation VII introduced {{p|Litten}}, {{p|Torracat}}, and {{p|Incineroar}}
**** While Generation VIII didn't introduce a full new evolutionary line, [[List of Pokémon with form differences|Galarian]] {{p|Meowth}} evolves into a new species, {{p|Perrserker}}.
*** More than one {{type|Poison}} or {{type|Flying}} move.
*** Any {{type|Grass}} [[Type expert|experts]].
* In terms of release dates, Generation II is the shortest generation in Japan, with exactly three years between the release of Gold and Silver and Ruby and Sapphire.
* Generation II leaves the least extra space for Pokémon in the {{pkmn|Storage System}} if [[Living Pokédex|one of every species is caught]]. Only {{tt|280|270 Pokémon in the Japanese versions due to differences in storage}} Pokémon may be obtained at once; there are 251 different Pokémon species available in this generation.