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Meowth (Pokémon)

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Meowth seems to be based upon the Japanese legend of the 招き猫 ''{{wp|Maneki-neko}}'', also known as the lucky cat or beckoning cat. According to one legend, a cat raised its paw to welcome a lord and saved his life when a lightning bolt hit the spot where he had been standing. ''Maneki-neko'' are often used as charms in restaurants and shops to bring customers fortune and good luck. Statues of the cat are usually depicted holding a ''{{wp|Koban (coin)|koban}}'', an ancient coin used in Japan, like the one on Meowth's head. Its Japanese species name also suggests it is based on a ''{{wp|Bakeneko}}''.
Galarian Meowth's appearance may be partly based on the ''{{wp|Vikings}}'', judging by its Pokédex entry.
====Name origin====
Meowth may be a combination of ''meow'' (the sound a cat makes) and ''wealth'', alluding to the Maneki-neko's capacity to bring good fortune. The ''-th'' may also be borrowed from Nyarth, as both ''meow'' and ''nyā'' are onomatopoeia of a cat's cry.