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Pursuit (move)

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If the target is switched out, Pursuit will no longer perform an accuracy check (but always hit the target with double power before it is switched out).
===Generation IV onwards===
Pursuit will now hit any adjacent opponent that attempts to switch out (but not more than one per turn), regardless of who it originally targeted. This effect bypasses redirection effects such as {{m|Follow Me}}.
In {{game|Platinum}}, and {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, this move can trigger the [[acid rain]] glitch by knocking out a target that was about to switch while {{m|Trick Room}}, {{m|Gravity}}, {{m|Uproar}}, or any type of [[weather]] other than {{weather|rain}} is active.
===Generation VIII===
Pursuit is completely unusable in Generation VIII and is recommended to be forgotten.