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List of starter Pokémon in Pokémon Adventures
* {{adv|Y}}'s first known Pokémon is a [[Fletchy|Fletchling]]. She later got a [[Croaky|Froakie]], nicknamed "Croaky", as her "starter Pokémon" after she accepted him as a member of her team. He has since become a '''{{p|Greninja}}''' under her care.
* {{adv|Sun}}'s first known Pokémon is an Alolan [[Cent|Meowth]]. He is immediately shown as well with a {{p|Litten}} named {{adv|Dollar}} as his "starter Pokémon" that he got from [[Professor Kukui]]. He has since become a '''{{p|Torracat}}'''.
* {{adv|Moon}}'s first Pokémon is unknown, as she caught a {{p|Grubbin}}, {{rf|Alolan}} {{p|Grimer}}, and {{p|Mareanie}} around the same time. She is later given a {{p|Rowlet}} as her "starter Pokémon" from Professor Kukui. He has since become a '''{{p|DartrixDecidueye}}'''
===In the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga===