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In ''[[PASM13|Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move]]'', Sun and Dollar successfully executed Inferno Overdrive, which managed to crack Type: Null's mask, forcing Gladion to switch it out for {{p|Porygon}}. Sun tried using the Z-Move again, but it failed, allowing Porygon to defeat Dollar. Gladion gave up on Tapu Lele, deciding it was too weak to fight the mysterious creatures appearing in Alola. As he left, Gladion revealed the Ultra Wormholes are the result of something trying to break free into their world. Afterward, Tapu Lele woke up and Sun delivered the Mirage Berry to it. As thanks for healing it, Tapu Lele challenged Sun, Moon, Kiawe, and Kahili to a battle to test their strength. Despite the combined effort of their Pokémon, Tapu Lele easily blocked their attacks. Sun, refusing to give up, managed to land a hit on Tapu Lele after Dollar [[Evolution|evolved]] into a {{p|Torracat}}. The attack didn't harm Tapu Lele, but it acknowledged their determination and flew off. Afterward, Moon tried to consult Rotom about what Gladion said when he left, but the only answer it could give was "{{p|Necrozma}}."
In ''[[PASM14|Flash and Cosmog's Secret]]'', Sun and the others grouped together at Mallow's restaurant in Konikoni City to speak to Kukui's wife, [[Professor Burnet]], over a video phone. They speculate that the Ultra Wormholes appearing in Alola may have been the result of [[Light trio (Adventures)|Nebby]], the Pokémon in [[Lillie]]'s care. Kukui told Burnet to take Lillie and meet with him, Sun, and Moon at [[Ula'ula Island]], where Sun has to go to deliver the next Mirage Berry. Later that night, Burnet and Lillie traveled to Kukui's yacht via [[Mantine Surf]], but a wild {{p|Bruxish}} appeared and used its powers to give everyone headaches. Sun defeated the Bruxish and rescued Lillie from falling into the water, but they both ended up passing out. Sun and Lillie washed up on a beach on Ula'ula Island, where they were found by [[Acerola]], who took the pair to the [[Aether House]] to recuperate. After waking up, Sun properly introduced himself to Lillie, who explained how the Aether House worked. When Sun saw Acerola, he noticed the symbol in her hair, confirming her as another Trial Captain.
In ''[[PASM16|A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart]]'', Acerola took Sun and Lillie to the {{OBP|Thrifty Megamart|Abandoned Site|site of the former Thrifty Megamart}}. Acerola tasked Sun with taking a photograph of the Totem Pokémon that lived inside the building. Shortly after they entered, the Totem, a {{p|Mimikyu}}, destroyed the camera Acerola gave to Sun for the trial. Rotom appeared shortly after, revealing that Sun accidentally grabbed it when he went to rescue Lillie the night before. With its Poké Finder, Rotom served as a replacement camera. During the battle, Sun noticed was focusing mostly on him instead of Dollar, making him realize that Mimikyu was angered when he insulted its appearance earlier. Rotom translated Mimikyu's speech, revealing that it disguised itself as Pikachu as a way to get people to like it, only for its attempts to fail. While he refused to take back his honest opinion about its appearance, Sun told Mimikyu that it shouldn't hide itself away from those who reject it and instead venture out to find true friends who would accept it. Mimikyu accepted Sun's words and agreed to join his team, where it received the nickname Franc. Afterward, Rotom took Franc's picture and sent it to Acerola, officially completing Sun's second trial.
In [[PASM23]], Hapu decided to visit her deceased grandfather's grave on [[Vast Poni Canyon]] and invited Sun to come along with her. The Crabominable Hapu defeated earlier followed them, hoping to join Hapu's team, but she rejected it and suggested it join Sun instead. Crabominable reluctantly allowed Sun to catch it and was nicknamed Dong. After spotting Nebby encountering another Cosmoem, Hapu decided to postpone the grave visit and headed to the [[Poni Altar]]. Along the way, Sun and Hapu were surrounded by {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}s that wanted Hapu to come with them to the Poni Altar. The Employees were forced to flee when a Xurkitree came crashing down on them after being defeated by Gladion, who had Lillie with him. Gladion and Lillie revealed that they were siblings and were in possession of the [[Sun Flute]], an instrument meant to be played with the [[Moon Flute]] in Hapu's possession. The guardian deities of Alola appeared and took Sun and both flutes away. Sun, along with Moon, was taken to the Poni Altar, where they played the Sun and Moon Flutes together, causing the Altar to react.
In [[PASM25]], the Poni Altar released a bright light that allowed Nebby and the other Cosmoem to evolve into {{p|Lunala}} and {{p[[Light trio (Adventures)|Solgaleo}}]], respectively. After explaining what the two [[Legendary Pokémon]] were, Anabel received a call from Looker, who reported that a large number of Ultra Beasts emerged from Po Town and have made their way to Poni Island. While the others fought the beasts, Sun confronted Faba, demanding that the Aether Foundation return his great-grandfather's island. Faba revealed to Sun that the island had already been converted into [[Aether Paradise]], and amount he suggested Sun gather wouldn't nearly be enough to return the island back to its previous state. A giant Ultra Wormhole with a {{p[[Light trio (Adventures)|Necrozma}}]]'s hand emerging from it opened in front of everyone. The hand possessed Solgaleo's body, forcing it to grab Sun and jump into the wormhole with it while Moon and Lunala followed after.
At some point, Sun and Moon ended up separated from Lunala and ended up trapped in the [[Ultra Deep Sea]] for six months. In [[PASM26]], Lunala reappeared, only for Sun and Moon to find it being [[Ultra Warp Ride|ridden]] by [[Dulse]] and [[Zossie]] of the [[Ultra Recon Squad]]. After overhearing that Dulse had met with the Aether Foundation to create Poké Balls capable of capturing the Ultra Beasts, Sun confronted the strangers, demanding to know what their connection with the Aether Foundation was. After Dulse and Zossie explained themselves, Moon asked the two if they could take her and Sun back to Alola. Though Dulse refused, Lunala returned to Sun and Moon, leaving him no choice but to stay behind while Sun, Moon, and Zossie rode on Lunala's back to Alola. As they traversed through [[Ultra Space]], Zossie taught Sun how to use Ultra Warp Ride and told him and Moon about the various worlds the Ultra Beasts come from. After passing through an Ultra Wormhole, the three arrived at the Ultra Recon Squad's home world, the [[Ultra Megalopolis]].
|main=NebbyLight trio (Adventures)
|main=Light trio (Adventures)
|desc={{p|Solgaleo}} was originally a {{p|Cosmog}} [[Guzma]] received from the [[Aether Foundation]]. It later evolved into a {{p|Cosmoem}} and then into Solgaleo at the [[Poni Altar]]. It was captured by {{p|Necrozma}}, who wanted its light, but was later freed when Necrozma chose to go after [[Nebby|Lunala]] instead. After absorbing sunlight to restore itself, Solgaleo teamed up with Sun to battle Necrozma at [[Mount Lanakila]].}}
Solgaleo's only known move is {{m|Sunsteel Strike}}.}}