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Stunfisk (Pokémon)

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Stunfisk is based on a {{wp|flatfish}}, such as a {{wp|flounder}}, combined with an {{wp|electric ray}}. It may also be based on the {{wp|stargazer (fish)|stargazer}}, another fish that spends most of its time buried in the sea bottom and can make electric discharges when it's disturbed. It also may be based on the {{wp|goosefish}}
Galarian Stunfisk is based on a {{wp|foothold trap}}.
====Name origin====
Stunfisk may be a combination of ''stun'' and ''[[wiktionary:fisk|fisk]]'' (''fish'' in most Northern European languages, from Old English ''fisk'') or a combination of ''stun'', ''fish'', and ''disk'' (in reference to its flat shape).