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Probopass (Pokémon)

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* Probopass is tied with {{p|Registeel}} and Shield Forme {{p|Aegislash}} for the highest base {{stat|Special Defense}} stat of all {{type|Steel}} Pokémon.
* As there is no strongly electromagnetic location in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, it is impossible to evolve Nosepass into a Probopass in these games. The same applies for {{p|Magnezone}}, {{p|Leafeon}}, and {{p|Glaceon}}. All have to be traded from {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}} to be obtained.
* Due to [[List of censored words in Pokémon Black and White Versions|the censor]] that prevents Pokémon with offensive [[nickname]]s being traded on the [[GTS]], an English language Probopass cannot be traded on the GTS without a nickname in {{game|Black and White|s}}.