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At the [[Pokémon School]], {{an|Kiawe}} informs the others that he will be {{pkmn|training}} under [[Olivia]] during the vacation. {{Ash}} is about to confirm his own plans when {{an|Lillie}} enters the classroom flocked by [[Snowy]] and, to everyone’s surprise, {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Magearna}}. {{Rotom}} takes the opportunity to collect data on Magearna as the class congratulates Lillie on finally reactivating the [[Mythical Pokémon]]. Lillie admits {{p|Zoroark}} was the key. Lillie then pauses momentarily before revealing that she is accompanying her {{an|Lusamine|mother}} and {{an|Gladion|brother}} on a journey to find [[Mohn|her father]]. {{an|Mallow}} presses for more details, but Lillie replies that Magearna will guide them. Lillie explains further, following Magearna's reawakening, its Soul Heart absorbed energy from her [[Z-Ring]] before projecting a beam of light. Magearna affirms the symbolic act by pointing to a photo of Mohn, causing Gladion and Lillie to realize they might be able to find their father. To everyone's relief, Lillie assures her friends that she will return to [[Alola]] once she has found her father. Ash, however, is well aware of his own worldplans travelto plansleave Alola and briefly turns away.
Meanwhile at [[Bewear's den]], while enjoying some honey courtesy of {{an|Bewear}}, {{TRT}} receives a call from HQ. [[Jessie]] and {{MTR}} continue to eat in an attempt to avoid facing [[Matori]] and her {{TP|Matori|Meowth}}, though {{TP|Jessie|Mimikyu}} answers the call. To the trio's shock, the call instead turns out to be from {{an|Giovanni}}, who orders them to return to the {{an|Team Rocket HQ}} immediately. Matori steps into view, adding that the trio have kept Giovanni waiting long enough for results. After Giovanni signs off, Jessie and [[James]] look at their Pokémon, thinking about what to do with them.