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|epname=The Island Whisperer!
|vajp=Yūji Ueda
|vaen=MichaelMike Liscio Jr.
|desc=Midday {{p|Lycanroc}} is Olivia's first known Pokémon which evolved from a {{p|Rockruff}}. When it was still a Rockruff it ran away from Olivia right before it was going to evolve. When it returned to Olivia, it had already evolved into Lycanroc. Some time later, Lycanroc was used in Olivia's [[Island challenge|grand trial]] battle against {{an|Kiawe}} and his {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}} and was defeated, earning Kiawe [[Kiawe's grandfather|his grandfather]]'s [[Z-Ring]] and a [[Firium Z]].