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Shiny Pokémon

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Generation VIII
The initial selection of the [[Starter Pokémon]]—{{p|Grookey}}, {{p|Scorbunny}}, or {{p|Sobble}}—is unable to appear as Shiny. However, all three can be [[Pokémon breeding|bred]], and their offspring can be Shiny.
Any encounter with an overworld Pokémon that is described as "very strong-looking"—in essence, is above the level limit above which a trainer cannot catch a Pokémon—cannot appear as Shiny. Once it is below that limit, it can appear as Shiny once encountered. No Pokémon in {{g|Sword and Shield}} will appear Shiny in the overworld; they must be encountered before they can appear Shiny.
Any Pokémon that can be caught in a [[Max Raid Battle]], including [[Gigantamax]] Pokémon, can appear as Shiny.