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Meowth (Pokémon)

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Meowth was introduced to [[Alola]] as a gift to royalty.<ref>[http://www.Pokéémon/alolan-meowth/ Pokémon Sun and Moon site | Alolan Meowth]</ref> The luxurious royal lifestyle soon led to Meowth diverging from its origins and becoming the selfish, prideful, and cunning Alolan Meowth. Alolan Meowth will turn hysterical if its coin or pride are besmirched. When the monarchy fell, the rare Alolan Meowth went feral and eventually grew as common in Alola as anywhere else. Alolan Meowth's fur is a light blue-gray color. Instead of brown markings, the tip of its tail, whiskers, digits, and the insides of its ears a whitish-gray. Alolan Meowth's whiskers have a slight curve compared to regular Meowth's straighter whiskers, and it has silvery eyes.
Galarian Meowth has a shaggy, greyish-brown coat resembling a beard, as well as yellow eyes and a toothy grin. Its coin is now black and extremely hard, with the hardest coins being especially valued. Galarian Meowth's body has partially turned to iron as a result of many years of living with a race of savage seafarers.
As Gigantamax Meowth, it has become larger and longer in size. The body extends from lower half to the shoulder, while the gold coin gains a symbol. Meowth's eyes change to a glowing gold color. The tail grows long as well, with the end of it tips extending. Three red clouds surround below the shoulders. The giant coin emits a lot of Gigantamax power that surrounds the area with a golden gleam. Its desire for shiny objects increases to the point where it will cause damage to skyscraper windows and exterior walls for the sake of sharpening its claws.<ref></ref>
Meowth seems to be based upon the Japanese legend of the 招き猫 ''{{wp|Maneki-neko}}'', also known as the lucky cat or beckoning cat. According to one legend, a cat raised its paw to welcome a lord and saved his life when a lightning bolt hit the spot where he had been standing. ''Maneki-neko'' are often used as charms in restaurants and shops to bring customers fortune and good luck. Statues of the cat are usually depicted holding a ''{{wp|Koban (coin)|koban}}'', an ancient coin used in Japan, like the one on Meowth's head. Its Japanese species name also suggests it is based on a ''{{wp|Bakeneko}}''.
Galarian Meowth's appearance may be partly based on the {{wp|Vikings}}, judging by its Pokédex entry.
====Name origin====
Meowth may be a combination of ''meow'' (the sound a cat makes) and ''wealth'', alluding to the Maneki-neko's capacity to bring good fortune. The ''-th'' may also be borrowed from Nyarth, as both ''meow'' and ''nyā'' are onomatopoeia of a cat's cry.