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* Although [[Born to Be a Winner]] officially became the opening theme starting in ''[[EP158|A Goldenrod Opportunity]]'', the first {{DL|Pokémon in the United States|Kids' WB!}} presentations, as well as the former {{DL|Pokémon in the United States|Toonami Jetstream}} version, [[Cartoon Network]] and {{DL|Pokémon in the United States|Boomerang}} broadcasts, continued to use [[Pokémon Johto]] as the opening and closing credits up until ''[[EP162|Type Casting]]''. This was amended for the American DVD release and the Disney XD/Amazon Video streaming version.
** This error is present in the [[List of English language Johto League Champions home video releases (Region 4)|Magna Pacific DVD]], the {{pmin|Finland|Finnish}} and [[Pokémon TV]] streaming versions of ''Type Casting''. The version of said episode that aired during the Twitch marathon has the correct opening, but the incorrect ending.
**Additionally, a small portion of the song continued in usage as the eyecatches for the final dub commercial break up until ''[[EP209|Machoke, Machoke Man!]]'', the final episode of the following season.
* Until the premiere of [[Stand Tall]], over 15 years later, this was the only dub opening theme in which the last word was not "Pokémon".
* This was the first completely digitally animated theme. However, the first digitally animated episode did not come until ''[[EP261|Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid]]'', 13 episodes before the end of the Johto arc. A portion of {{so|Pokémon World}} was also digitally animated.