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Numbered route
Kanto and Johto contain 48 consecutively numbered routes, with {{rtn|1|Kanto}} through {{rtn|28|Kanto}} in Kanto (only through {{rtn|25|Kanto}} in [[Generation]]s {{gen|I}} and {{gen|III}}) and {{rtn|29|Johto}} through {{rtn|48|Johto}} in Johto (only through {{rtn|46|Johto}} in [[Generation II]]). Hoenn and Sinnoh's route numbers are not consecutive with Kanto and Johto's or with each other, possibly due to the fact that these [[region]]s are not directly connected. Hoenn contains routes numbered {{rtn|101|Hoenn}} through {{rtn|134|Hoenn}}, while Sinnoh contains routes numbered {{rtn|201|Sinnoh}} through {{rtn|230|Sinnoh}}.
After Generation IV, the new regions ceased attempting to avoid overlapping route numbers with the old ones. This may imply that Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar are distant from the other regions and each other, and therefore uninfluenced by their routes. Unova contains routes numbered {{rtn|1|Unova}} through {{rtn|23|Unova}}, Kalos contains routes numbered {{rtn|1|Kalos}} through {{rtn|22|Kalos}}, Alola contains routes numbered {{rtn|1|Alola}} through {{rtn|17|Alola}}, and and Galar contains routes numbered {{rtn|1|Galar}} through {{rtn|10|Galar}}.
The numbering of the routes in the Pokémon world may be a reference to Japan's own national route system, which goes from {{wp|Japan National Route 1|1}} to {{wp|Japan National Route 58|58}}, then skips directly to {{wp|Japan National Route 101|101}}, and afterwards skips several numbers. Despite this, the routes do not run concurrent with their Pokémon counterparts, and indeed in Japan there exists a {{wp|Japan National Route 135|Route 135}}, a {{wp|Japan National Route 231|Route 231}}, and so on, up to {{wp|Japan National Route 507|Route 507}}. Strangely, the only numbers skipped are routes whose numbers are used in [[Hoenn]] and [[Sinnoh]].