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'''Personality and getting started'''
=='''Personality and getting started'''==
I am sort of a tomboy. I am also [[wp:Cambodia|Cambodian]]. I also l♥ve doing things like oragami and knitting. I don't like shopping or makeup, but I like stuff like skirts and such. Besides ''Pokémon'', my favorite show is [[wp:Hannah Montana|''Hannah Montana'']]. And if I'm not watching TV, on the computer, or reading a book, I'm playing {{tt|video games|Or something that I don't want to say here, or maybe I'm just confuseing myself???}}. I first watched ''Pokémon'' when I was waiting for a show to come on. I was taught that Pokemon was a [[User:Pkmnluvr25/Secret|<span style="color: #000000">"boy show"</span>]] so I avoided it. Then at the end, I saw that Pikachu was so cute! :) I decided to watch it so I watched [[Pokémon, I Choose You! |the first episode]] and I loved it!! So I've been watching Pokemon since that day. (I was 5 or 6 when I watched it.) Oh, and I can't forget to mention my best friends!! Taylor, Vivian, Angela, and AngelaKeyanna!! (I don't want to mention thier last names without thier permission. and all aren't Pokémon fans except for Keyanna who's a Pokémon freak and Angela's little brother who likes it but is a pain!)
=='''Favorite Characters'''==