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* The Orange League is the only one so far in which Ash has successfully defeated all the Gym Leaders without a rematch.
* In ''[[Pocket Monsters: The Animation]]'', it was mentioned that the position of Gym Leaders was very unforgiving, as it had a three-strike rule stating that if a Gym Leader lost three times in a row, the Gym will be disqualified. It also revealed that being a Gym Leader was costly, leaving little pay, and the government can't provide for them. It also revealed that the rather brutal nature of Gym leading was one of the reasons why {{an|Misty}}'s and {{an|Brock}}'s parents ended up abandoning them to Gym duties.
* Prior to the release of {{g|Sword and Shield}}, Gym Leaders were referred to as Gym Masters in a since deleted tweet by the official Nintendo of America account.
* In the anime, Ash has had his first encounters with the first Gym Leader of a region in either the fifth or fifteenth episode of their respective regional arcs. Ash first met {{an|Brock}}, [[Cissy]], the Striaton brothers, and [[Viola]] in the fifth episodes of the [[Kanto]], [[Orange Archipelago|Orange Islands]], [[Unova]], and [[Kalos]] arcs, respectively; and [[Falkner]], [[Roxanne]], and [[Roark]] in the fifteenth episodes of the [[Johto]], [[Hoenn]], and [[Sinnoh]] arcs, respectively.