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Generation VI

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Trivia: Moving the Pokéball trivia since I think it is still notable to go six generations before not introducing a new Pokéball. Leaving water route trivia since I'm not sure if Route 9 in Galar is considered one.
** A [[pseudo-legendary Pokémon]] with two [[type]]s.
** A new [[Gym Leader]] or [[Elite Four]] member specializing in {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon.
** A new type of [[Poké Ball]].
** A numbered [[water route]].
** A new {{type|Dragon}} [[move]].
** The [[Player character|player name]] character limit has been increased from 5 to 6 in Japanese and Korean, and from 7 to 12 in Western languages.
** The names of all [[move]]s, [[item]]s and {{Abilities}} introduced before Generation VI are no longer limited to 12 characters, including any spaces. Some of these names were re-formatted; for example, Selfdestruct was renamed {{m|Self-Destruct}}.
* Generation VI was the first generation not to introduce a new type of [[Poké Ball]].
* Generation VI leaves the most extra room in the PC if one captures exactly one of each species of Pokémon, with there being 930 spaces and 721 Pokémon.
* Generation VI is the only completed generation not to revisit its new region after the original paired games.