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Rotom (Pokémon)

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A Rotom appeared in ''[[SM057|The Dex Can't Help It!]]'', where it took the form of a Wash Rotom. An accident caused by [[Ash's Pikachu]] resulted in Rotom being ejected from the washing machine and getting swapped with Rotom Pokédex. Eventually, the Rotom were swapped back to their original places.
Ash received a smartphone from [[Professor Sakuragi]] in [[SS003]]. Along with {{an|Go}}'s smartphone, it was possessed by one of Sakuragi's {{p|Rotom}}, turning each into a Rotom Phone.
====Minor appearances====
Oak Rotom Mow.png|Mow Rotom in the anime
Rotom Pokédex anime.png|Rotom Pokédex in the anime
Ash Rotom Phone.png|Rotom Phone in the anime
* [[Rotom Pokédex (Adventures)]]
* [[Rotom Phone]]
* [[Rotom Bike]]
* [[Rotomi]]
==External links==