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Oricorio (Pokémon)

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Oricorio may be inspired by {{wp|Hawaiian honeycreeper}}s, small {{wp|passerine}} birds native to {{wp|Hawaii}}. Hawaiian honeycreepers feed on the nectar of various plants, but each species favors a specific flower that its beak is adapted to. Oricorio's dancing may also derive from the {{wp|Courtship display|mating dances}} of some birds.
Its dancing styles are inspired by different forms of dance. The Baile Style refers to {{wp|flamenco}} (baile being a Spanish word for dance), the Pom-Pom Style refers to {{wp|cheerleading}}, the Pa'u Style refers to {{wp|hula}} (pāʻū being a Hawaiian word for skirt, especially ones that may be used in hula), and the Sensu Style refers to {{wp|Buyō|Japanese dance}} (扇子 ''sensu'' being the Japanese word for a folding fan as may be used in such dances). The Sensu style also bears a notable resemblance to a {{wp|geisha}}.
Oricorio may also be inspired by {{wp|Darwin's finches}}, which also change and adapt to each island whenever they eat the nectar of the resident flowers.