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Shigeki Morimoto

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'''Shigeki Morimoto''' (Japanese: '''森本茂樹''' ''Morimoto Shigeki'') is a game designer and programmer (among other various roles such as Pokémon adviser and Pokémon designer), currently working at [[Game Freak]]. He has been involved in nearly every main series Pokémon game since [[Pokémon Red and Green Versions]]. He is most notable for the creation of the Pokémon {{p|Mew}}, his favorite Pokémon. He was the game director for {{game|Emerald}} and {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}.
He also appears as an [[non-player character|NPC]] as '''Morimoto''' (Japanese: '''モリモト''') in {{4v|Black|White}}, {{pkmn|Sun and Moon}}, and {{pkmn|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}., In[[Pokémon: everyLet's gameGo, hePikachu! hasand appearedLet's inGo, heEevee!]], has the appearance of aand {{tcpkmn|VeteranSword and Shield}}.
==Game credits==
* '''{{g|Sun and Moon}}''' (2016) - Battle Planning (Lead)
* '''{{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}''' (2017) - System Planning Section Director, Battle Planning
* '''{{g|Sword and Shield}}''' (2019) - Battle Planning (Lead)
==In-game cameo appearance==