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Pinsir (Pokémon)

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** Pinsir can also be seen as a counterpart to {{p|Heracross}}. Both are Bug-type Pokémon based on beetles and lack an evolutionary family. Pinsir is not part {{t|Fighting}} like Heracross, but it learns several Fighting-type moves by leveling up. Both Pokémon and their [[Mega Stone]]s are version exclusives in {{pkmn|X and Y}}: Pinsir and Pinsirite are exclusive to X while Heracross and Heracronite are exclusive to Y. Each Mega Stone can be found in [[Santalune Forest]] in its respective version. The heights of both Pokémon are the same, even when Mega Evolved.
* Mega Pinsir is tied with {{me|Heracross}}, Mega {{p|Scizor}}, and {{p|Genesect}} for the highest base stat total of all {{type|Bug}} Pokémon.
* Mega Pinsir has the highest {{stat|Attack}} stat of all non-legendary {{type|Flying}} Pokémon.
* Pinsir shares its category with {{p|Vikavolt}}. They are both known as the Stag Beetle Pokémon.
* Pinsir, along with {{p|Scyther}} and Scizor, are the only Pokémon legitimately available in all 27 in-game [[Poké Ball]] variants.