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Methods of evolution

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In the Pokémon Pinball series
===In the Pokémon Pinball series===
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In [[Pokémon Pinball]] and [[Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire]], once the "Evolution Mode" or "EVOEvo Mode" starts and the player chooses a Pokémon to evolve, that Pokémon evolves if the player collects three repeated evolution symbols before the time runs up.
In Pokémon Pinball, the 151 [[Generation I]] Pokémon are available. Most evolve by [[experience]], which requires getting three "Ex" Evolution Items. Some evolve using a [[Fire Stone]], [[Leaf Stone]], [[Thunder Stone]], or [[Water Stone]], in which case the player needs to get the respective stone Evolution Item three times. If the Pokémon evolves by [[trade]] in the core series, then the player needs to get three [[Game Link Cable|Link Cable]] Evolution Items. Each time the player gets an Evolution Item, a blue counter with the image of the current method of evolution appears below the Pokémon Panel (the place where the Pokémon appears).