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Weezing (Pokémon)

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Weezing is a corruption of ''wheezing'', which means "producing a whistling sound while breathing with difficulty".
Matadogas may come from 又 ''mata'' (again), 獰 ''dō'' (bad) or 毒 ''doku'' (poisonouspoison), and ''{{wp|gas}}''. Essentially, it is a doubling of Koffing's Japanese name Dogars, and thus a doubling of Koffing–which is exactly what Weezing is. It may also be a corruption of マスタードガス ''masutādogasu'' ({{wp|mustard gas}}).
==In other languages==
{{Other languages|type=poison|type2=poison
|ja=マタドガス ''Matadogas''|jameaning=From {{tt|又 ''mata''|again}}, {{tt|獰 ''dō''|bad}} or {{tt|毒 ''doku''|poisonouspoison}} and ''{{wp|gas}}''
|fr=Smogogo|frmeaning=Doubling of Koffing's French name
|es=Weezing|esmeaning=Same as English name