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[[File:Weather trio.png|thumb|210px|Groudon and Kyogre battle as Rayquaza arrives.]]
[[File:Weather Trio 2.png|thumb|210px|The super-ancient Pokémon in their alternative forms in the anime.]]
'''Super-ancient Pokémon''' (Japanese: '''超古代ポケモン''' ''super-ancient Pokémon'') is a term loosely applied in the games and the Super Music Collections to three ancient [[Legendary Pokémon]] from [[Hoenn]] legend-legend—{{p|Groudon}}, {{p|Kyogre}}, and {{p|Rayquaza}}. These Pokémon were long known under the fan term '''weather trio'''. A less commonly used fan term is '''elemental trio'''.
The three Pokémon are guardians of separate elemental spheres, Kyogre having dominion over the {{wp|hydrosphere}}, Groudon over the {{wp|lithosphere}}, and Rayquaza over the {{wp|atmosphere}}. These roles are reflected in their types. The members all have some physiological similarities, with similar symbols on their bodies as well as yellow eyes. The three Pokémon could be references to creatures from Hebrew myth: {{wp|Leviathan}}, a sea monster; {{wp|Behemoth}}, a land beast; and {{wp|Ziz}}, a giant bird.