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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
Ryuki debuted in the {{chap|Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon}}. He considers himself a battling superstar, so he traveled to [[Alola]] in hopes of fighting the powerful [[Ultra Beast]]s. He was hired by [[Faba]], who agreed to help Ryuki in exchange for his services. Ryuki was sent to [[Mount Lanakila]], where he found {{adv|Moon}} lying unconscious in the snow after she returned to Alola via an [[Ultra Wormhole]]. He picked the girl up and took her to [[Aether Paradise]], where Faba had her locked in a cell.
Moon was later freed by [[Gladion]], who teamed up with her to stop Faba. Cornered, Faba tricked Ryuki into helping him by revealing [[Gladion's Silvally]] was created to defeat the Ultra Beasts. This subsequently prompted Ryuki to battle Gladion and Moon in order to defend his place in the spotlight. After losing his first Pokémon, Ryuki followed up by sendingsent out two more, only for Gladion to stop him and call off the battle. Gladion, revealedrevealing Faba was using Ryukiit as a distraction so that he could flee Aether Paradise and escape. After learning that others were fighting the Ultra Beasts elsewhere in Alola, Ryuki ran off to join them.
Months later, Gladion and Dulse set off to rescue Faba, who had been dragged into [[Ultra Space]] by several {{p|Nihilego}}. Ryuki chose to tag along withaccompany them, much to Gladion's annoyance.