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Darkest Lariat (move)

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It is no longer a signature move, being TR93 in Sw/Sh.
'''Darkest Lariat''' (Japanese: '''DDラリアット''' ''DD {{wp|Professional wrestling attacks#Lariat|Lariat}}'') is a damage-dealing {{type|Dark}} [[move]] introduced in [[Generation VII]]. ItPrior isto [[Generation VIII]], it was the [[signature move]] of {{p|Incineroar}}. In Generation VII, It can be upgraded to the special [[Z-Move]] {{m|Malicious Moonsault}} by Incineroar holding [[Incinium Z]]. In ''[[Pokémon Sword and Shield]]'', it is [[TR93]].
{{Moveentry/1|727|Incineroar|type=Fire|type2=Dark|1|Field|Field|1, {{tt|Evo.|Learned upon evolving}}|STAB='''}}
===By [[TR]]===
* [[Machamp]]
* [[Snorlax]]
* [[Mew]]
* [[Dusknoir]]
* [[Golurk]]
* [[Pangoro]]
* [[Incineroar]]
* [[Bewear]]
* [[Melmetal]]
* [[Rillaboom]]
* [[Grimmsnarl]]
==In other games==
{{Project Moves and Abilities notice}}
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